There are many different kinds of vehicles available for you if you’re interested in going for a ride this summer. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the right time to be looking into motorcycle dealers or snowmobile equipment if you’re trying to stay local. It’s just too hot for that right now. But if you want to try something similar, you can try out an ATV or find a boat for sale.

Boats and other watercrafts are very popular this time of year since it’s the best time to try them. That’s why so many new versions are coming out right now, like the 2018 sea doo. Sea doo dealers are making a killing during the boating season. It’s true that they might be less expensive in the off seasons, but you’d have to wait months to even take it out on the water and that’s a real mood killer. No one wants to wait months and months after buying a car to use it, so why should this be any different? And if you’re looking for a summer alternative that handles like your motorcycle or snowmobile, then the sea doo dealers might be able to count on your patronage. It’s supposed to be the most stable ride yet.

If you’re not particularly interested in water sports, then ATVs are another solid option. They’ve always been popular, due to competitions like the annual X Games. This can be shown through their consistent sales with 41,000 being sold in the first few months of 2017 alone. And just like jet skis, they can handle pretty closely to what you’re used to off-road on a motorcycle. The difference is that it might actually ride a little smoother due to the four-wheel balance. Just don’t go trying any jumps or tricks like the pros until you’re a little more accustomed to it.

If you need some kind of summer alternative for your regular rides, then these are two of the best options. It’s up to you whether you want to stay in off-road or venture off-shore to see which one you like best.