One of the most common injuries when it comes to sports in the age-old sprained ankle. this injury can come from landing on your foot wrong, kicking something too hard, falling in a certain way, and various other accidents. While a sprained ankle will take you out of the game for a week or two, there is no reason to not try some simple trick for a speedy foot injury treatment. In this video, we will hear about some easy exercises and recovery techniques from a physical therapist to recover from a sprained ankle.

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A sprained ankle is an example of what is referred to as an acute ankle injury. This means that most cases will simply require time to heal on their own. If you get an ankle sprain, you should still get it check out to confirm that it is not a break. If it is sprained, you can carry on with easing into some simple exercises. For one, you can give your ankle a cross-friction massage by moving your fingers perpendicular to the ligaments that you have pulled. Additionally, you can do seated calf stretches for about 20 seconds a rep.