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If you are looking to enter into the sport of snowmobiling or you’re an experienced rider who wants to upgrade, it’s important to know which brands offer the best and worst snowmobiles. Otherwise, you may end up with a purchase you regret. This video explains some of the worst snowmobiles for sale and why you need to avoid them.

One of the most disappointing snowmobiles is the Skidoo Summit Highmark 1000. It was meant to build upon the enormous success of the Skidoo 8000 Summit REV, but failed miserably. It was heavier, costlier, and had endless electronic issues. The handling was difficult even for experienced riders and it quickly lost popularity.

Next is the Arctic Cat Powder Extreme. The earlier model in the 90s was a reliable and durable favorite for riders. Unfortunately, it was heavier than expected and lost a lot of power due to the extra weight. It quickly fell out of favor with the snowmobiling community.

The Polaris RMK 900 is a model brought into production to compete with the spectacular options available on the market. After an initial success, clutch issues and other ugly problems started popping up for the riders who owned them. It was discontinued after two seasons.

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