All terrain vehicles or ATVs remain extremely popular throughout America. Research shows that, between January and March 2017, almost 41,000 ATVs were sold to customers throughout the United States. With that in mind, certain individuals will be purchasing an ATV for the first time. As the weather warms up, it’s understandable to want to get your ATV ready for riding. However, you might be unaware in regards to how to properly maintain your ATV. Here are four important ways to keep your ATV in optimal condition.

  1. Make Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated

    ATV tires often appear thick and full of air. However, storing your ATV often causes this vehicle’s tire to lose pressure. If this happens, it can create an extremely unsafe riding experience. Therefore, it’s wise to purchase an air pressure gauge. After using this gauge on your ATV’s tires, you’ll know whether or not they require additional air.
  2. Check the Life of Your ATV’s Battery

    Most people depend on driving automobiles throughout the entire year. However, you’re rarely going to get out an ATV during the winter months. Unfortunately, putting your ATV away for long periods of time can cause your battery to begin misbehaving. Considering that, it’s wise to ensure that you check the health of your battery before you begin riding. If you notice any corrosion is taking place, you’ll want to clean your terminals with baking soda and water. Considering that battery acid is corrosive, you’ll want to wear gloves while completing this task.
  3. Ensure You’re Riding Comfortably

    Another important tip is to make sure you’re riding in a comfortable manner. If not, you could risk injuring yourself or dealing with considerable amounts of pain. To avoid this situation, take your ATV out for short distance rides. During these rides, you can stop to make any adjustments. In turn, you’ll soon be able to understand which riding position suits you best.
  4. Bring Your ATV to a Mechanic

    While owning an ATV, it’s helpful to bring this vehicle to a mechanic. In turn, you’ll be able to speak with someone who understands common ATV maintenance issues. This allows you to ensure you’re continuing to ride your ATV while remaining safe. As motorcycle dealers often employ mechanics, ATV dealers have their own in house service departments. These ATV dealers are sort of a one stop shop for riders wanting to keep their new ATV in great condition.

In closing, there are several maintenance tips every ATV owners should follow. This allows you to continue riding your ATV without having to worry about various types of maintenance issues. There are many types of ATV companies selling these vehicles. However, many drivers prefer to find ATV dealers offering vehicles from Polaris Industries. In fact, research shows that Polaris Industries reported sale figures almost reaching $5.5 billion during 2017. Another study found that, as of 2018, Polaris makes up about 33% of the overall ATV market share. This places Polaris Industries ahead of Honda in regards to ATV sales. If you’re interested in finding this type of ATV, consider visiting Polaris dealers in your area.