Do you intend to buy a tractor for your landscaping work? Then consider getting tractor packages with all the necessary implements, attachments, and accessories. Most Kubota dealers offer Kubota tractor packages with several tractor accessories. The accessories improve the appeal of their products.

This post highlights some of the useful tractor accessories that you should ask your dealer to include in your tractor packages to improve your working experience.

Why Are Tractor Accessory Upgrades Necessary?

Your landscaping tractor is more than a piece of work equipment. The tractor is often your home for a few hours of your working days. You may spend up to eight hours mowing large tracts of land or grading an entire football pitch for sod installation.

People often upgrade their vehicles by buying them new seat covers, a GPS, a stereo system, or new glass window tints. But most landscapers and farmers forget that their tractors also need to have similar comfort. Improving comfort on your tractor betters your performance and productivity.

Here are accessories that can help you in improving your tractor and working experience

Change Tractor Attachments with Ease by Using a Hydraulic or MechanicalAccessory.

Changing your tractor’s equipment such as the zero turn mower, loader, or snow blower can be challenging. As such, you should get a hydraulic, electrical, or mechanical accessory, which will allow you to connect or disconnect any landscaping equipment to your Kubota tractor. For instance, you can buy a mounting plate that has hydraulic brackets.

This accessory can help you when switching from an auger to a front loader or any other tractor attachment. You can do this by lifting a hydraulic lever or two and swapping the hydraulic lines. The use of such tools is more straightforward than using the four- or three-point hitch system of making such swaps between tractor attachments.

Invest In Comfortable Seating

If your tractor doesn’t come with comfortable new-generation seats, then you should invest in comfortable seats, seat covers, and cushions for your comfort. You spend lots of time seated on your tractor, and you’ll need to be comfortable to prevent lower back pain and discomfort. An uncomfortable seating position can restrict blood flow to some parts of your body and cause health problems.

Get An Agriculture-Oriented GPS For Monitoring Your Work.

An agricultural GPS can show the exact distances that you’re traveling on your worksite. It can also show the areas where you may be spending more time. This information can help you in allocating your resources based on the location information that the system provides. After using a GPS on some projects, you can use the acquired data to compute and estimate the amount of time you may spend mowing or grading a particular area.

You can also determine the amount of fuel you may need for similar future projects. You can get this information from a simple GPS, which may take only a few minutes to install on your landscaping tractor.

Get A Sound System As Part Of The Tractor Packages.

You should set up an iPod or Mp3 player or install a tractor radio system. Listening to music or anything interesting can make your working experience less boring and more enjoyable. You could listen to radio programs or even polish up your French or Spanish as you work. What you listen to will also drown the white noise of the operating tractor that often leaves a hum in your ear. When buying such a system, you should include a headset with a noise-canceling capability.


There are almost one million landscaping employees in the U.S. This fact implies that there is a massive demand for landscaping tractors. The need for landscaping tractor accessories is thus even larger than the market for the Kubota tractors.

If you’re a landscaper or an entrepreneur with a landscaping firm, then try to get some of these accessories within your landscaping tractor packages. They’ll better the capability of tractor operators and their efficiency. Your tractor packages should also include attachments such as the Kubota zero-turn mowers, snow-blowers, augers, loaders, and post hole diggers, among others.