So you’re the proud owner of a personal drone, making you one of the coolest and most impressive people in town. However, that awesomeness can come crashing down if your drone falls from the sky. After a crash landing, you need to take careful steps to protect your equipment. By following this action plan, you can get your pie back in the sky in no time.

Immediately After the Crash

  1. Assess where the drone landed and retrieve it.
    You likely saw where the drone fell, so follow your eyes. However, be sure that you are not trespassing on private property, or walking into a potentially dangerous area. If you’re having trouble locating your drone, double check the app you might be using: many drone systems have GPS and compass tools to help locate lost drones.
  2. Check for parts.
    When you find your drone, pick it up carefully. Look around the area for any parts that might have detached. Knowing what flew off the drone will help you know what needs to be fixed. Ensure that there are not bits and pieces left behind before you take your wreck home.

Drone Repair

  1. Try to get a sense of what went wrong, and what the damage is.
    Carefully remove dirt and twigs and inspect equipment thoroughly. Propellor breakages are most common. Check the battery compartment for swelling, cracks, or other bad signs. Examine the camera lense, landing parts, and all other features.
  2. Consider fixing it yourself.
    With some small issues, drone repair is a DIY project. For nicked propellers and cracked camera lenses, try following an online drone repair video. However, problems are often more complex and require the help of professional gadgeteers.
  3. Call a drone repair shop.
    For motor malfunctions, battery problems, or cracked circuit boards, going to a drone repair center is the best way to get your drone fixed. Look for a shop authorized to work on your model. Call around to understand pricing options and get a sense of what work they might do to fix the problem.
  4. See if you can replace it through a warranty.
    Drones are prone to crashes, and many customers make sure that they have a warranty in place to keep their equipment flying. Check your product’s policy if you can’t find a repair shop. Be aware that choosing to replace the drone through the manufacturer can be a frustrating process. Prepare for conversations with customer service, and anticipate a long wait before your item is replaced.

Drone crashes are sad, but ridiculously common. Don’t beat yourself up for a mistake, and follow these steps to get back to living your drone flying dreams.