The Ski Chair Lift has become a favorite attraction for skiers and tourists alike because they can only be experienced in snowy states and mountains. The chair lift has made skiers bring together like nobody else.

Oftentimes, chair lifts are under-appreciated and overlooked, however – a lot of people think that the invention of chair lifts paved the way for skiing to grow together as a sport.

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Here are some life experiences where the chair lift has made skiers brought closer together than ever before.

For some, ski culture has created a lifestyle wherein they get to meet various people from all walks of life. It gave them the feeling of belongingness such as how a chair lift brings them to the top to enjoy the steepest slopes for a great ski adventure.

The time it takes for each person to reach the top from the bottom created a lot of friendships, unlikely relationships, and to some, marriage. And what most people like about the chair lift experience is it lets you escape from the harshness of reality, it helps you feel the moment.

Mostly in chair lifts, there’s just the two of you, whether it’s a family member, relative, friend, or a stranger, you get to share the experience and have a talk with it. That’s how chair lifts paved the way to make new relationships and strong bonds with just a single trip up top.