A motorcycle can be a very reliable and affordable form of transportation when you know how to fix them. As the accompanying video shows, you are more likely to find a good deal on a used motorcycle for sale when you know how to repair them.

Most motorcycle repairs are relatively simple to do.

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Brake systems are virtually the same as the ones found in cars. If you can repair a disc brake system on a car, you can repair one on a motorcycle. The battery and charging system are virtually the same, too. And tune-ups are easy when the spark plugs and wires are located in easily reached spots on the engine.

You might need to change the fluid in the forks, mount new control wires for the clutch or brakes. A lot of used motorcycles will need tires and a change of oil. A new chain and sprockets also could help on chain-driven motorcycles.

And if you can do some minor bodywork and apply paint skillfully, a new paint job could help make it look new. Knowing how to do commonly needed repairs will help you to find the most affordable bike with the best life in it.