Many children in their childhood are enrolled in such things as ballet and boy scouts because they are supposedly the best programs for your young girls and boys. What no one considers are all the benefits children receive from being enrolled in a martial arts class. With many different classes offered from Brazilian jiu jitsu to tai chi, there are more than enough choices for any child to find something that fits them. With over 3.58 million children all over the US being enrolled in some type of martial arts classes something has to be going right for parents and children alike for these kids to want to continue to attend. But what are the benefits of martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu and are they the right thing to enroll your child in? Consider these four things before you decide that they are the wrong thing.

Non-Stop Activity

Any type of martial arts class is known to get your child moving, for most of them these movements are non stop. In a culture where so many of our children are growing up overweight and at risk for childhood obesity it is beneficial to our children to make sure that we do the most we can to prevent them from this future. Classes like Brazilian jiu jitsu will have your kid up and active from the moment they walk in the door. With this fun form of fitness your kids won’t mind putting down their game controllers for an hour or two.

Self Respect and Confidence

So many children these days grow up with low confidence and low self-esteem. One of the best things about martial arts classes is that those who take these classes learn to stand up for themselves, they see that they too can be just as good as the older kids, that they are strong and brave and they can handle the things that are put in front of them. Not only do they learn this about themselves but they also learn how to have a strong respect for others as well. This goes far beyond just their teachers.

Stopping Conflicts Without Violence

Often, people get the wrong ideas when it comes to what children are receiving from martial arts classes. It isn’t violence that is taught to children within their classrooms, instead what they learn is how to quill their anger and let out their emotions in healthy ways. Even kickboxing classes teach their students how to step back and breathe before ever striking. For children who have a tendency to turn to anger first these classes can quiet their minds and help them to redirect their anger.

Focus Is Important

Perhaps more so than the martial arts themselves is the focus that is learned within these classes. One of the key parts of any martial arts class is learning how to breathe and focus, without that there simply isn’t a Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, or tai chi class that could go on. This can help over active children to find their balance during the day. Helping these kids to learn how to take a step back and breathe is going to come from having someone in front of them teaching far sooner than it is when kids are alone sitting in front of televisions. Video games do not help these children with learning how to control themselves and focus. Physical activity on the other hand is the best form of focus especially when it’s in the means of martial arts.

The next time you are considering singing your child up for a sport or dance classes give martial arts another chance. The benefits of these classes can teach your children life long skills that they will use beyond their childhood years. These classes will give your children the confidence and the experience of focusing and breathing. Give your child the benefit of a martial arts class like Brazilian jiu jitsu, who knows, maybe in the future you’ll be joining them and signing up for a class as well! It isn’t just a great workout for your children, but it can be a great opportunity for you too.