It all started many years ago, and now it has transformed into something huge. Motorsports are becoming widely popular across the U.S., with the snowmobile, motorcycle, and boating industry growing in popularity ever since people have been looking for the various fun ways they can enjoy themselves on a recreational level. If you are into speed and sports, you might be interested to know some fun facts about why motorsports have grown in popularity and why they left such an impact on our country.

The Growing Love for Motorsports in America

Today in America, we have a fascination with all things speed. This is why your local motorcycle dealer or ATV dealer has no problem meeting sales demands, because everybody is looking for a chance to enjoy some snowmobiling, motorcycling, or some fun on a dirt bike.

Part of this fascination might be owed to the fact that X Games have grown in popularity over the years, pulling in a huge audience and wide variety of people who share one thing in common: a need for speed and fun. As of 2014, global motorsports sponsorship was at a high $5.26 billion, which was a huge increase from recent years. Prior, in 2012, that number sat at $4.97 billion. As you can see, we are gaining growth when it comes to motorsports sales and we have found that there is no better way to spend our time!

X games were first held in 1995 and its attendance numbers for the first year were 198,000. Of course, this too has grown over the past few years with the popularity of these sports that we see around us – and now we can all join in on that fun that we enjoyed even as kids.

We see numbers rising as many more people make investments into motorsports at their local motorcycle dealer or ATV and snowmobile dealers. Just between January and March 2017, 41,000 all-terrain vehicles were sold in the U.S. Are you somebody who loves the speed and the feeling it gives you to partake in motorsports with your friends? Maybe it’s time to make your next investment.