Have you ever gotten to that honey hole only to find that you left some critical gear behind? You would not be the first fly fisher that left the “must-have” fly reel behind or parts to your rod reel combo you cannot live without. A high-quality fly fishing gear bag ensures that it never happens again.

Anyone with any fly fishing experience can tell you the right fly fishing gear bag and the right fly fishing tackle bag is going to improve your results. Trying to navigate this sport without one can ruin your entire experience.

It is All About Protections

Almost 52 million people went fishing in 2017 alone, even if a small percent were fly fishers, that is still a tremendous number of people out on our rivers and streams. Many of those fly fishermen have already got their hands on a gear bag to protect their gear when they are out for the day.

Any angler will tell you that a fly fishing gear bag can do a better job of carrying your gear than a vest can. Of course, a good vest can go a long way in keeping everything you need handy, but if you are the angler that likes to get into unchartered rivers and streams, a fly fishing gear bag is a better solution.

Being able to throw your pack on to keep your hands free and traverse tough terrain without losing bits and part of your gear gives you the power to do more, and experience more. The right fly fishing gear bag can open a world of opportunities.

Sure, a great fly fishing vest is hard to beat, but if you do not have a gear bag you are only getting half of the support that you need to fully enjoy your time on the water. Gear is expensive, protection is a must. A great bag makes it easy to have peace of mind knowing your gear is safe and secure.

Choose the Pack That Works for You

Over the last decade or so there had been a lot of design development dedicated to creating the perfect fly fishing gear bag. There is a wide range of styles to choose from that come with must-have options like waterproof features.

Choose a pack that supports how you fly fish and never find yourself standing on the bank or wading in without the gear you know you need.