Fly fishing is an excellent and rewarding hobby. If you’re never been fly fishing, but are looking to start, here are a few essentials that you’ll need to start out.

The Necessities.

When it comes to fly fishing there are a couple of things that you can’t go without.

  • Fly Fishing Outfit. You probably have a vague idea of what a fly fishing outfit is; however, there are actually a few essential articles of clothing that make up the whole ensemble.
    • Wading boots are one of the most important things that you’ll need to pick up. They serve a safety purpose, and allow you to traverse the wet rocks without slipping and sliding. They also serve to provide comfort while standing for long periods of time. Without a good pair of wading boots you’ll risk, not only sore feet, but twisted ankles. It’s best to bite the bullet and invest in a good sturdy pair.
    • Waders are the part of the fly fishing outfit that most people recognize, and they are something you’ll not want to go without. Look for waders that are made from a breathable material. If they’re made from rubber or nylon you’ll end up getting uncomfortable fast, especially on hot summer days. Additionally, some waders come with wading boots attached, while this can save you from purchasing separate shoes, they are heavier and bulkier. To start off it may be best to invest in them separately and then work on building a custom fly fishing outfit over time.
    • Fly fishing vests are the optional piece of the fly fishing outfit. They can be helpful when it comes to holding your gear; however, if you want to start out conservative, you could forgo the
  • Fly Rods Once you’ve got the fly fishing outfit down, it’s time to gather your gear. A reliable fly rod is essential to any angler worth his waders. If you’re new to fly fishing, a medium action fly rod will serve you well. It’s versatile, but easy to learn with. Additionally, look for a rod that is between 8 ½ and 9 inches in length, as a beginner it’s easier to learn with this manageable length. Don’t worry about breaking the bank on a rod either; look for a rid range rod to start out with. Anything to cheap and you run the risk if performance issues; however, expensive rods aren’t necessary for those just starting out.
  • Fly Reels Fly reels may not seem very important, and for the most part they’re just used for holding the line. However, if you hook a large fish you’ll be able to quickly tell the difference between a poor fly reel and a high quality one. Under stress poor reels can lead to lost fish, which is something no angler wants. When starting out look for reels that are made from high quality, rust proof materials. Disc-drag reels are the most common, and work well for those starting off.
  • Fly Fishing Tackle Bags A tackle bag is an anglers best friend. It carries all your flies, and helps to keep them untangled and organized. If you continue to pursue fly fishing, flies will accumulate quickly over time, and with out a place to store them they can build up all over the place. Utilizing a fly bag helps keep them in good condition, and handy whenever you need them.

Fly fishing is both a fun and rewarding hobby, and once you get into it you’ll be hooked. If you are just starting out, the above list should help you put together all the gear you’ll need to build upon. Before you know it you’ll be mastering the art of fly fishing, and heading out every weekend.