The great outdoors can sometimes be intimidating. Whether you have a busy schedule or just don’t like insects, it’s not always easy to just ‘go outside’.

With a Fly Rod in hand, however…it can end up being your new favorite thing. Most working Americans today are a little too busy to dedicate time to a new hobby, particularly if it requires additional travel. The great thing about fly fishing, however, is just how many ways it can improve your life. From reducing stress to beefing up your freezer with a fresh catch, there’s no end to what a new pair of Fly Rods can do for you. All you have to do is plug your nose and take the proverbial plunge.

What are the differences in Rod Reels? Just how does fly fishing improve your health? Become an overnight expert in fly fishing by checking out the list below.

Fly Fishing Is A Popular American Hobby For All Ages

It’s time to throw away common stereotypes on fly fishing and all its varieties: this is a fun hobby that anyone can enjoy. A 2017 study saw over 50 million people going fly fishing around the country, whether in freshwater or saltwater. More than 60% of these recreational fishing participants were under the age of 45, to boot. While most fishing participants will go on four to 11 trips per year, a small percentage will go over 100 times. Whatever you decide, you can be rest assured you’ll enjoy a slew of benefits every time.

There Are Several Physical And Mental Health Benefits

What makes fly fishing such a healthy activity? It has something to do with the activity encouraging ‘flow’ — this psychological term refers to how the human mind relaxes when involved in a calming, redundant action. Some Americans achieve flow through knitting, others prefer to paint or swim. Fly fishing is proven to significantly reduce your blood pressure and improve your mood, with little effort on your part aside from standing and swinging. Give yourself an opportunity to chill and see what Fly Rod brands suit you best.

Fly Rod Reel For Sale Come In Different Lengths And Styles

Nobody lives the same, so why should they fish the same? There are a few types of Fly Rods you can choose from depending on your personality and experience level. First you have the ‘fast action’, which is great for those that want to improve their range. Then you have the opposite: Fly Rods that are gentler and give you a little more control over your swing. Each Fly Rod has its own weight and length, as customizable as a wand in Harry Potter. Give them all a try and see which one you like the most!

Fly Fishing Should Be Accompanied By The Right Equipment

Even the best fly rod reel won’t get you far without the right equipment. There’s a reason why you see fly fishers all bundled up when they leave! Put a Fly Fishing Outfit on your to-buy list before visiting the tackle shop — these are baggy, comfortable clothes that keep you nice and dry while casting. Pair these with a Fly Fishing Tackle Bag for all your bait, tackle, and spare lines. Although you can’t always predict a fish, you can stay prepared.

There Are Plenty Of Delicious Fish Species To Catch And Eat

Now for the last reason to consider adding a fly rod reel to your personal Christmas list: fish are delicious. There’s nothing quite like eating a fresh catch straight out of the water with good company and a nice side. The most popular species to catch are salmon and trout, both of which have their own texture and flavor. Make sure you have your fishing license before you go! There are over 30 million paid fishing license holders in the country, with a collective gross of $730 million.

There’s no need to be intimidated by the great outdoors. The potential for improved health — and plain ol’ fun — are endless with a new fly rod reel!