Grand canyon white water rafting trips

These days, it isn’t very difficult to find someone close to you who is interested in outdoor activities. You, yourself, might love the outdoors. Many people are doing everything they can to stay healthy and enjoy life. We all want to enjoy our lives, but sometimes we don’t think very much about what wondrous beauty and adventure awaits us outside of our own little circles. Running, walking, biking and so on are all great things to do to stay active, but have you ever thought about taking an adventure trip and participating in one of the most incredible outdoor experiences you might ever have? If that appeals to you in any way, you might want to consider white water rafting in the Grand Canyon.

In today’s America, about 77% of people see outdoor recreation activities as very important in their lives. They join a softball team or a running club. Many bike with a group, planning events and attending races. They are seeking health benefits as well as meaningful experiences. When asked about rafting, however, only 28% of Americans reported that they currently participate in white water rafting or plan on doing so sometime in the future. That number would change dramatically if people took the opportunity to see the amazing wonders of white water rafting in the grand canyon.

The Colorado River in some of its most spectacular brilliance, cuts through a schist, a type of metaphoric rock that is approximately 1.75 billion years old. Scientists believe that to be about half the age of the Earth itself. Needless to say, the canyon has many stories to tell. Grand Canyon river guides can tell you many of those stories on a multi day rafting trip, or you could take a grand canyon adventure tour and explore for yourself.

Either way you go, you’re bound to get all of the exercise and adventure you crave. The average 155 pound person typically burns around 352 calories while rafting while the average 180 pound individual can bust away 409 calories. Not too shabby, right? And it will likely be much more scenic that your local high school track or neighborhood jogging trail.

White water rafting in the Grand Canyon also offers a chance to see some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. Do you like to take photographs? You don’t have to go very far to capture some the the most spectacular shots you might ever get. Just make sure you pack that waterproof bag. You don’t want to ruin everything when the rapids get a little rough and the gear starts flopping around.

Rafting in the Grand Canyon is also a great opportunity for groups to be together. Team building with work colleagues, youth group functions, family reunion get togethers or vacations, you name it. White water rafting in the Grand Canyon will undoubtedly be one of the most spectacular experiences of your life.