Dock box

When choosing floating dock boxes or other vital pieces of aquatic equipment, it’s important to take their source materials into mind. For example, floating dock boxes that are made with out of fiber glass are a superior choice to other kinds, while dock floats that have floating beads have a better quality than others.

Here are some simple facts to help you make the right choice about what kind of floating dock box or other aquatic equipment to get.

Fiber Glass Dock Boxes.

Floating dock boxes made out of fiber glass have thick walls that ensure their durability, and prevent damage to the dock. This durability can withstand the effects that chlorine, salt, and heat can have much better than those made out of plastic materials, like Polythelene. These plastic dock boxes will often break, or become vulnerable to sinking because of the low level of durability that the plastic affords.

Plus, fiber glass dock boxes are cost efficient, because they don’t require the same maintenance and upkeep that wooden dock boxes need.

Floating Beads.

Dock floats that have stream injected foam beads allow for a durable, high density interior, which ensures that it has a long lasting high quality. After all, if you’re going to invest in dock floats, you want to make sure that you’ll receive a high return on investment. These floating beads will keep your dock float from sinking long into the future, giving you years of service.

If you have any questions about these floating dock materials and how they’ll keep your investments, like your dock bumper or dock hardware in good shape for years, feel free to ask in the comments