Extreme ski video

Did you know that skiing has ancient roots? Primitive carvings from 5000 B.C.A. in Norway depict a skier with a single pole. Since then, skiing has developed into a global sport that millions of people participate in every year.

Extreme skiing, though, is a little less popular than traditional downhill and cross country skiing. It occurs on very long and steep slopes, and can be quite dangerous. Mistakes and difficult terrain have led to the injuries and deaths of many. It is not surprising that many people are more willing to watch extreme ski videos than take part themselves. Here are four things you look out for as you watch these videos.

1. Scariest Places

Are you looking for videos where skiers take on the most difficult slopes known to man? The top four most dangerous and difficult ski runs include Corbets Couloir in Wyoming, La Grave in France, Delirium Dive in Canada, and Body Bag in Colorado. La Grave and Body Bag received their names aptly from the number of skiers who have met their end while speeding down these terrifying terrains.

2. Top Stunts

If you want to see really stunning videos, search for the latest tricks that innovative skiers are taking to the slopes to try. Speed flying, jetpacks, record jumps, wing suits, and ski tree jumps are all tricks that several skiers are trying out in order to reach new speeds, heights and thrills.

3. Feature Presentations

Looking for a fun ski movie to watch as you stay warm and cozy inside? Check out Aspen Extreme, Teddybear Crisis, Steep and Deep, Downhill Racer, and Yearbook. Although these are mostly fictional stories, they feature real, extreme skiiers and awesome clips and close ups shot with a professional lens.

4. Who to Look For

Wondering who is currently dominating the news when it comes to extreme skiing? There are several names you should watch for, since any extreme skiing videos featuring them are likely to be pretty crazy. Jamie Pierre became a legend in 2006 when he made a record 255 foot free fall jump in Wyoming without the aid of either parachute or helmet, while accruing no injuries. Sadly, he died recently after being partially buried in an avalanche. Other well known skiers include Glen Pake, David Kraft, Scot Schmidt, Shane McConkey, and Yuichiro Miura.

What do you look for in extreme ski videos? Let us know in the comments!