Skiing video

Films, competitions, YouTube fame, and corporate sponsorship are all part of the draw that lures thrill seekers to make extreme skiing videos. Of course, for some people there is no bigger thrill than the sport itself, and making a video of the experience is just secondary to that adrenaline rush. Whatever the reasons, extreme skiers and the videos they post are on the rise.

For all of us wishing to live vicariously through them there are hundreds of extreme ski videos online to choose from. For others, the vicarious watching can quickly turn in to wishing and planning for how they can join the extreme skiing sport. The unfortunate reality though is that many extreme skiers have lost their lives on the slopes.

Avalanches, trees, rocks, cliffs, and land that was never meant to be navigated by skiers are all contributing factors to serious injuries and sometimes death. Faulty equipment can also cause trauble in the case of ski basing, where stuck bindings or a parachute that will not release could make the difference between a great video and a tragic one. The real danger in creating extreme skiing videos is that with the knowledge that people are going to be watching your daredevil feats, you may feel pressured to push yourself to do a trick or stunt that is more dangerous than you normally would consider doing.

So what do you need to create your own extreme skiing videos? If you have weighed the risks and you are confident in your athletic abilities then creating an extreme ski video is not a very difficult task. All you really need is a handheld video camera. However, for more professional videos you would want to consider a head mounted camera or even camera goggles. Creating and producing extreme sports HD videos is entirely in your grasp, since most new technology these days have HD features built in.

Remember that creating an extreme ski video is not a one way ticket to fortune and fame, but neither is it necessarily a death sentence. As in all extreme sports there are risks and rewards which must carefully be considered. Safety and awareness should be any extreme skiers primary concern, and the videos should come second.