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If you are involved in marketing your business in any way, you most likely will agree with 92% of marketers who told Social Media Examiner that social media is important to a business.

If you are looking to reach a certain audience or certain type of demographic, then digital marketing is the best way to break down the data analytics and find those who are searching for what it is you have to offer.

With online contests, people want a closer look.

When you run an online contest, you will be able to draw in interested people who would like to know more about you. Nearly 35% of people who participate in an online contest tend to opt-in to receive information about the business running the contest.

The social engagement of social fantasy games where artificial intelligence drives the user experience seems to be a type of interaction people really enjoy. More than a third of people have tried an online game of some kind.

People have long responded to games.

When it comes to games and contests of all kinds, people have long responded to opportunities to test their wits and skill. We find it fun to go up against others or against the artificial intelligence behind a quiz show or a strategy game.

Teachers have been using this tact for years. When students are involved in a game situation, they are more likely to stay engaged with a subject. In much the same way, prospects get engaged with your brand and stay engaged with it when you employ digital driven contests that include artificial intelligence and other features.

What you are looking for in any type of marketing you do is a way to get the potential customer interested enough to learn more and finally become a loyal customer of your business. It has recently been determined by a number of different data gathering methods that strategies involving gamification can increase people’s engagement with your brand by 100 to 150%.

Online contests are a tried and tested way to build brand exposure and get your message out there in today’s economy. Contests have been a tactic used in marketing since the beginning of marketing, but the internet and our technological advances have made online contests even more beneficial for companies than they ever have before.

Try an online contest and see where it takes you.

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