Online contests and loyalty programs that incorporate tokenization can be a great way for many people to participate in social engagement without ever needing to leave their home. Social fantasy games have risen in popularity, and investing in social fantasy games has become incredibly popular. These social fantasy games often include online contests that let users interact with each other in ways that were previously impossible.

In fact, new online contests and tokenization have been shown to increase the audience of the game by over 30%. Another study conducted by HubSpot has shown that digitally driven contests increased the total number of participants in the contest by up to eight times. Digitally driven contests have been shown to work best when they have a duration of no more than sixty days and no less than twenty five days, giving time for the news of the digitally driven contest to be spread around but not long enough for digitally driven contests to become redundant and boring.

People who play an online game are in good company – it’s estimated that around 70% of all people play at least one online game. This means that digitally driven contests are a lucrative way for companies to market their goods and services and get their name out there. For instance, gamification strategies have been shown to increase engagement with a particular brand by up to 100%, if not even more. And almost 100% of marketers – over 90% – have said when surveyed that they heavily rely on social media for their marketing tactics, saying that social media is highly important to the success of their business.

Digitally driven contests and tokenization tap into the already existing market of people who play online social fantasy games. People who play online social fantasy games are looking to interact with other people and players in an easy, stress free way, and digitally driven contests provide one way for these people to do so. Digitally driven contests have proven to be a successful way to improve brand recognition and have been utilized by marketing teams as part of their marketing strategy. Digitally driven contests and tokenization are a great way to combine fun with advertisement, and are a way to advertise without seeming over the top about it. They are not only a way to advertise, but a way for online gamers to engage with their community as well.