Pontoon boats are great ways for family and friends to have fun on the water. That being said, many buyers are closer to water than they might think. In fact, statistics show that 95% of all people in the United States live within a one hour’s drive from a navigable body of water. If you’re taking your pontoon boat out, it’s important to do this in a safe manner. With that in mind, here are four important pontoon boat safety tips to follow.

  1. Inspect Your Pontoon Boat Before Using It

    Before purchasing new or used boats for sale, it’s important to inspect these items. That being said, you’ll want to make sure that you’re continually inspecting your boat. These inspections help you find out whether or not any potential problems are forming. You’ll want to check for any signs of boat damage or leaking fluids. If you spot a problem, have the boat taken into the shop.
  2. Check the Maximum Weight Capacity of Your Boat

    Many Americans associate items made from this country to be of high quality. Considering that, you’ll be glad to know that 95% of all boats sold throughout the United States are made in this same country. That being said, every boat has a maximum weight capacity. Therefore, you’ll avoid a lot of potential problems by adhering to this weight limit while on the water.
  3. Don’t Forget to Bring Along Life Jackets

    In certain situations, life jackets save lives. While you might not plan on navigating rough waters, it’s impossible to know if these predictions will come true. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared by ensuring everyone on your boat is wearing a life jacket. You wouldn’t dream of having your passengers ride in cars without seatbelts. In the same tradition, you’ll want to ensure that all your boat passengers keep their life jackets on.
  4. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

    If you’re going to be navigating the water, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition to being dangerous, drinking while operating a boat is also illegal. Nothing can ruin a day on the water faster than getting into trouble with the law. If you do want to enjoy a drink, bring someone else who can safely navigate your boat.

In closing, it’s important to remain safe while on your pontoon boat. Statistics from 2016 found that sales of boats and other marine products climbed to a total revenue of $37 billion. In addition, this is a trend that’s expected to continue throughout 2018. If you’re looking for used boats for sale, you are not alone. Purchasing a used boat for sale is an important decision. Considering that, it’s often best to purchase these items from boat dealers rather than random strangers. You’ll also likely find a much wider selection of used boats for sale while visiting a dealership.