A wedding is a special milestone that many people dream of. Some spend years thinking about ways to make the day perfect, and everyone wants their wedding to have a distinct flare that will be unforgettable to both the couple and their guests. If you are looking for unique wedding places, perhaps the venue you’re looking for is closer to home than you thought! Golf course weddings are not only unique, but they offer a range of benefits other places cannot offer. Even if you’re not a golfer, or getting married to one, a country club can be one of the best places to have a wedding.

Your Wedding is Private

Most courses don’t have more than one grand ballroom, as some banquet halls do. This means you get an exclusivity that might be lacking at another venue. Most private golf clubs are also well maintained, and decadently furnished, this will give an upscale feeling to your reception that can be hard to find elsewhere. In addition, guests don’t have to be inside all the time. At a golf club, guests will have the option of taking in the gorgeous scenery on an outside terrace, while enjoying the quiet, tranquil atmosphere.

The Scenery

Thinking of unique wedding places, your mind might conjure up images of beautiful natural landscapes with picturesque surroundings. However, golf courses not only offer a serene ambiance, they can offer amazing scenery as well. The pristine manicured surroundings will make for amazing and memorable wedding photos. Here, surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of the area, you can rest assured you have an astonishing backdrop to all of your photos.


Catering a wedding can be expensive, depending on where you go. The good news is, some golf courses offer in-house dining, and depending on the number of guests this can a weight off the bride and grooms shoulders. Catering to everyone’s tastes is hard when ordering en masse, but with dining provided by the venue, guests can order what they want! Additionally, many country clubs even offer wedding packages which can include the catering, linens, and even floral arrangements. This will all help to cut down on the stress of having to manage multiple services; here they’re all in one!

Something More Intimate?

Country club weddings can be whatever you want them to be. They can serve as party venues for a large reception, or a quiet Sunday brunch type setting for smaller gatherings. Whatever you have in mind, you can tailor the venue to fit your vision. Some even host holiday packages, complete with seasonal decoration, and music. So if you plan your marriage around a holiday, be sure to check and see if the option is available to you!

Whether you’re a golfer looking to theme your wedding around your passion, or you just want a classy venue with stunning views, a country club is a magnificent option to consider. It is one of the more unique wedding places that people seldom think about. It is certainly an option to consider if you want a wedding that your guests will be talking about for years to come.