Softball is the iconic American sport. The sibling to baseball, it’s garnered a loyal following for many decades and still shows no signs of slowing down.

Embracing softball as part of your life will expose you to countless ways to improve and maintain equipment. This can mean something as simple as buying a new glove…and it can be something as involving as rolled softball bats. Baseball bat shaving services are a useful way to get the most out of your bat, improving your swing and range. They do, however, come with their own set of rules. If you’ve considered rolled softball bats, consider looking below.

Softball only continues to become popular in today’s sports-centric America. Learn about the benefits of a bat shaving service below.

The differences between baseball and softball are small, but significant. So much so there are huge fans of the latter and indifferent observers of the former. Easily the most stark difference is the shape of the ball itself — softballs are larger and, as a result, have more give than the rock hard baseball. Another difference is the size of the field and how the balls themselves are thrown. Despite all these details, both sports benefit from baseball bat shaving services.

The United States is known for its love of sports. Millions every year flock to stadiums to watch their favorite football and basketball teams, with fantasy football a popular pasttime for those staying at home. Look at any school and you can see the average child being signed up for a sports extracurricular. According to recent studies, football remains the most popular sport to date. Softball and baseball, however, remain classic staples with a long history.

Baseball first originated in the 1880’s, with various roots across Canada and even England. Over the subsequent centuries it would proceed to become synonymous with American culture, a bold iconography that can be seen just about anywhere. Softball grew as a variant on the classic baseball model, showing up just before the turn of the century. It would proceed to become ushered into the Olympics and, by extent, the school curriculum. Whether you’re an aspiring professional or teaching your child how to play, a shaving service can be a major boon.

The art of swinging the bat is a particular one. Everything from the power of the swing to the durability of the bat goes into that home swing. Sometimes the bat is incompatible with the player, creating a lackluster end result that can result in a lost game. Rolled softball bats are designed to thin out the interior and provide more of a ‘punch’. This increased hollowness is a simple and reliable feature for those still getting their toes wet in the sport.

Keep in mind that rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats have their own maintenance regimen. They don’t do well in cold temperatures due to their thinner design, which means they should be shelved if the weather dips beneath 65 degrees. It’s also recommended you double-check with your sports team to see if they’re allowed. Shaved fastpitch softball bats are useful for practice and personal play, but may be banned in certain spaces. Softball and rolled bats, just like any other facet of the sport, will become easier with practice.

Bring out the best in your performance. Rolled softball bats are a great way to improve your swing and reignite your love for the craft.