Have you ever wanted to learn to play golf? There are actually many physical and mental benefits to hitting the greens, especially when you join a premier golf club that offers impeccable 18-hole golf courses. It takes time to get to the point where you can play the best golf game. For now, the benefits of learning are to be enjoyed and great fun.

Golf Is Superb for Physical Fitness

A man weighing 175 pounds has the opportunity to burn 460 calories when carrying his golf club during a single hour of play. On a course with nine holes, he could end up walking nearly 2.5 miles. You can look forward to the physical fitness that comes with every round of golf during the learning stages. Consider taking lessons and learning from an experienced golfer and before you know it you will be walking around the greens and be able to add golf to your physical fitness routine.

Golf requires a lot of walking and swinging. You are essentially getting a full-body workout every time you play. This goes double for those just learning the game. You will be swinging even more to perfect your game as you learn to play golf. Before you know it, you will be walking around an 18-hole golf course and understand every aspect of the game in relation to the course.

Perfecting your swing takes a lot of muscle. You will be using your legs, arms, abdomen and back as you repeat swings whether practicing or playing at your favorite golf club. The course of a round will have you repeating numerous swings while you learn to play golf. Accomplished players swing 30+ times per round while novice golfers swing many more times. Practicing on your favorite golf course is bound to improve your skills. Just keep in mind that you need the right golf equipment such as gloves because hands tend to blister while learning.

Learn to Play Golf for Weight Loss

Playing golf can help you lose weight. An 18-hole round can involve walking up to 5 to 6 miles. You could expend 1,500 calories on just a flat course and even more on courses with dips, valleys and hills. When you choose to walk instead of using a golf cart you are benefiting from great exercise that expends more calories than strenuous gym workouts. You will enjoy it more too!

An advantage you can enjoy when you learn to play golf is the way it allows you to exercise while appreciating a low impact sport. Your joints will not be subjected to stresses or strains that come with other sports activities such as running and tennis. Golf is ideal for players of all ages.

Joining a Golf Program Is Good for Your Mental Well-Being

The wonderful world of golf is amazing for the psyche. Your mind is kept alert while you enjoy human contact on a social level. After all, golf is a social event whether you are meeting friends for a game or you join golf club events. It can be a sport that is fiercely competitive or relaxing. Play with experienced players to learn tips and hints to better your game. Take time to relax and dine in the clubhouse to meet new people and make new friends too.

Gold Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Being out in the fresh air does a body good. This is especially true when walking is involved on a golf course that’s lush and picturesque. The fresh air raises serotonin and endorphin levels which automatically improves your mood. Another round of golf can reduce anxiety and stress after a particularly grueling day. Relax, learn to play golf and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.

Golf is easy to learn. Getting started is inexpensive and straightforward. Take lessons, practice more and venture onto a golf course to maintain mental alertness too. Various facets of a golf game can keep your mind sharp!