Shooting targets

Tactical training, target practice, and the proper body armor is essential for keeping law enforcement officers safe while they work to protect others. One-third of all law enforcement deaths are caused by gunshot wounds.

While some of these deaths would have been completely unavoidable even with proper police tactical gear, many could have been avoided. Reportedly, nearly twenty percent of officers killed from gunshots while wearing body armor for police were shot with bullets designed to penetrate body armor.

Tactical training is another essential element because it teachers officers how to approach a structure or suspect in the safest way possible. Officers also learn how to defend themselves and to preserve life as much as possible.

Target practice allows officers to hone in their training and shooting skills to avoid missing shots or hitting bystanders. While target practice can not prepare some one for the rush of adrenaline that hits during an actual crisis, it makes them as prepared as possible.

Tactical training provides target practice under often precise and high stress situations that forces the officers to push their skills and training to the max. The most training an officer receives, the better equipment he or she will be to react appropriately in a real situation.

Due to increased threats towards police officers, many departments are requiring officers to wear bullet proof vests for police officers at all times while on duty. This keeps them safe regardless of what they may encounter that day. The simplest traffic stop can turn deadly as many are now learning.

It used to be that officers only put on additional protection if they knew they were going into a hostile or potentially violent situation. Now, every situation could turn violent, and there is no way to know ahead of time. Officers have been set up in many circumstances; not knowing they were walking into an ambush.

The combination of tactical training, target practice, and proper body armor that is worn consistently is what will allow many law enforcement officers to go home each night. This applies to officers at all levels and in all agencies.