Summer’s not over yet. How are your boat accessories looking? Whether you’re the type that likes to go far out into the ocean to enjoy feeling like the only person in the world for a few hours or someone who loves wakeboarding, this list is for you. There are a lot of little tools your boat needs to have in order to contribute meaningfully to the environment as well as your good time. A ballast pumping system, emergency items, the works. Rather than viewing boat accessories as an annoying inconvenience, think of them as a way to make your fun time even better.

Safety is paramount no matter what you’re doing. When you factor in the complex machinery of a boat and the unpredictable personality of nature? Your boat accessories, simply put, should be prepared for the worst. Life jackets are necessary for children and those with compromised mobility. A flare should be taken in case you’re stranded or the weather takes a turn for the worst, too. Over 12 million households in the United States own at least one boat. Let’s make sure all of them are enjoying it safely!

Now let’s get into the fun part. What do you use your boat for? Is it for family vacations or reigniting your passion for wakeboarding? Studies have shown nearly 20% of Millennials actively participate in a variety of water sports whenever they get the chance — although swimming and fishing are very popular, wakesurfing has reigned supreme for years now. The year 2015 saw over three million people participating in wakeboarding across the country. Water sports are a great way to connect with family, get fit and enjoy the feel of the water.

For those still in the dark about wakesurfing, there’s a lot to enjoy for newcomers and veterans alike. Make sure you don’t confuse wakeboarding and wakesurfing, though! Wakesurf ropes are around 20 feet long, while wakeboarding ropes are usually longer. The ideal wakeboard rope is anywhere between 52 and 78 feet long. Wakeboards are also a lot smaller than wakesurf boards, with the average wakeboard being between 130 and 147 centimeters. The very first American design patent for a wakesurf board was obtained by Alfonso Corona back in 1997.

Wakeboarding enjoys millions of spectators and participants year after year. The first official wakeboarding competition was held all the way back in 1990 in Florida, with the stage set for this beloved water sport to carry on for decades. In order to wakesurf the surfer needs to trail behind a motorboard on a small surfboard that’s around five feet long or so. Balancing and moving with the boat can take a little practice, though safety is paramount and lifejackets should always be worn in case of an accident. But what about your boat accessories?

The last thing you want to do is encourage the passage of invasive species after a long trip. A ballast tank provides superior stability for your boat when it goes out onto a body of water. An eco-conscious invasive species filter can do wonders for keeping the environment both clean and keeping animals safe from the aftermath of your boat’s travels. When you enjoy watersports, it’s important to make sure everyone has something to gain from your vacation.

Let these wakeboarding tips help you out so you can enjoy the rest of your summer with the peace-of-mind you crave!