Being active is a great way to be healthy – or at least an important component of it. And with only one third of the adult population of the United States considered to be at a healthy weight, physical activity is more important than ever before for people of all ages, children and adults alike. Unfortunately, however, only around one third of adults are getting active to the level that they should be on a weekly basis (and less than 10% are moving for more than a mere 30 minutes a day). With the average American child participating in more than seven and a half hours of screen time on a daily basis, the problem of inactivity is certainly not isolated to the adult population.

And while there are many ways to get active and moving, not all of them are particularly appealing. Some people love to go to the gym and work out, for example, but many find that they simply do not have the motivation to do it. In fact, more than 65% of people with gym memberships never actually use it, perhaps aside from once or twice. Even more people with a gym membership will only go once in a blue moon or only when they feel guilty for not exercising as they should be before lapsing back into their inactive lifestyle.

In order for exercise to work for many people and in order for many people to be consistent about this exercise, it has to be fun as well as challenging and physically intensive. For many, getting involved in a sport is a way to do this. Oftentimes, this sport is tennis, as tennis is both challenging and enjoyable and a way to get a good work out, during as many as 169 calories in just a mere half hour of playing for women and more than 205 calories per half hour for men. However, learning the game of tennis is important before you play it and though the facts surrounding tennis and its rules can seem like they are many, they will soon feel like second nature once you really begin to get the hang of things. After all, tennis is on the rise in terms of popularity, with very nearly 18 million people involved in the game in the United States alone.

Tennis court nets, for instance, obviously play a vital role in the game, as these tennis court nets divide the opponents on opposite sides. Tennis court nets very much play an important role in orienting the net and the placement of tennis court nets are determined by the measurements of the tennis court as a whole. In fact, standard tennis courts throughout the country have helped to make the placement of tennis court nets easier than ever. These tennis courts measure 78 feet in length and are 27 feet across for singles matches. A different type of standard tennis court is used for doubles matches, one that measures 36 feet across in total, though the length stays the same (meaning that the placement of the tennis court nets will also stay the same).

Aside from tennis court nets, tennis court fencing is also hugely important. This is due to the number of roles that this fencing plays. First of all, fencing on tennis courts helps to keep the ball within the court, no matter how hard or high it is hit (making the job of the tennis ball retriever all the easier). Secondly, the fencing is used to provide security, especially at more high profile games, ones that have drawn a large number of spectators out to watch it. Not only will this help to protect the players of the game, but it will also help to preserve the integrity of the game as well.

When you take up tennis, you’ll want to have the right tennis equipment, from tennis racquets to simply the right shoes to best facilitate your game. Training equipment for tennis and tennis training accessories and training aids can typically be found at any tennis supply company or general sporting goods store no matter where you might be located in the country.