Off-road motorcycling is a form of extreme sport and it’s so thrilling and fulfilling to explore new routes and terrains. But with all that fun, you need to get proper gear and dirt bike equipment to keep you comfortable and protected against accidents. Depending on your specific needs, there will be a range of choices to consider when it comes to choosing the right bike gear. Here are some of the most essential gears that you must have. In addition to dirt bike equipment, protective gears will make the whole riding experience a bliss.

1. Full Face Helmet

The first and perhaps the most important part you’d want to protect is your head. Up to 75% of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with an automobile and helmeted riders suffered fewer neck injuries compared to un-helmeted riders. A full-face mask is essential in protecting you from head injuries, which can be fatal.

The reason why you should choose a full-face mask rather than a half shells is the additional protective element that guards your teeth and jaw in a crash. When choosing a dirt bike helmet there are important details you should keep in mind. Safety is key and that means looking beyond the nice looks and designs. There are plenty of cheap dirt bikes helmet options out there, but they may not guarantee the same protection.

Ensure you also pick a good helmet with sufficient ventilation to ensure proper airflow and reducing the build-up of heat. Lastly, you need to know what materials is the helmet made of as this can determine its performance and weight. Lighter helmets are mostly recommended and this one, in particular, is made of carbon fiber.

2. Dirt Bike Boots

Anyone who’s into dirt biking will understand the importance of having proper dirt bike boots. There has been a lot of improvements in designs when it comes to making, generally, motorcycle boots over the years. Today, the market is flooded with an array of great options for dirt bikes that combines both style and protection. Motorcycle equipment.

With such an extreme sport – whether you’re riding motocross or trails- your foot is one of the most susceptible parts in a crash. A good dirt bike boot will help to protect you against foot, ankle and lower leg injuries. So what should you consider to get the right pair of dirt bike boots fits almost perfectly? Remember shopping for shoes? Well, it’s pretty much the same process but now you factor in other elements such as weight, ergonomics and protection.

Size varies a lot for dirt bike boots and each brand often defines its own size. So you’ll need to try several options to get a better understanding of your size and what fits you. Take caution especially when buying online.

3. Dirt Bike Pants

Dirt bike pants are essential gear for any rider as they designed to withstand tough elements and scratches while keeping you comfortable throughout your the trails. Avoid riding on your regular pants – they are not safe and not cool at all.

Choose a pant with quality material for durability. For example, polyester is a common option for dirt bike pants and it offers a lot of breathability. Leather is also a good choice and it has proven to provide added protection with the tough material. If you are more into style, there are many designs to choose from to suit your specific taste. Most importantly, check to see if the pant has good breathability before buying.

4. Dirt Bike Shirt

For an added layer of protection for your skin, especially the upper body parts – stomach, hands, shoulders and back, a shirt is a recommended article of clothing for careful riders. A good shirt will protect you from injuries and scratches resulting from riding through thick bushes, shrubs, roots and branches. Choose a shirt designed to withstand the tough environment of dirt biking, long sleeve is highly preferred. Some options have added features like padded shoulders and improved breathability for protection and comfort.

Other essential dirt bike equipment and gears include dirt bike gloves, knee braces, elbow guards, neck brace, handguards among others. With the gears mentioned above, you have the most essential things you need for dirt biking. Dirt bike equipment.