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How Summer Camp Develops Valuable Coping Skills


There has been nearly a 90% increase in the number of day camps just in the last two decades.

So many of us look back fondly on our own summer camp experiences or those of our children and never really think about just how many ways they can help to teach children the coping skills they’ll need later in life.

It’s important to distinguish between camps that offer them real challenges and the ones that only do the minimum to keep them busy because their parents paid a lot of money to send them there.

Attending a real summer camp should mean putting away the familiar time-wasters such as Ipods and video games and being willing to get dirty and have some outdoor fun. Activities like building a fire, going on a hike and mastering a high rope course are great ways of Read the rest of this entry »

White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon is a Spectacular Adventure

Grand canyon white water rafting trips

These days, it isn’t very difficult to find someone close to you who is interested in outdoor activities. You, yourself, might love the outdoors. Many people are doing everything they can to stay healthy and enjoy life. We all want to enjoy our lives, but sometimes we don’t think very much about what wondrous beauty and adventure awaits us outside of our own little circles. Running, walking, biking and so on are all great things to do to stay active, but have you ever thought about taking an adventure trip and participating in one of the most incredible outdoor experiences you might ever have? If that appeals to you in any way, you might want to consider white Read the rest of this entry »