Most golfers have the dream of being able to enjoy the game at the comfort of their home. This has now become a reality with the home golf simulator thanks to technological advancements and a reduction in prices of golf simulators. It is important to understand that golf simulator prices vary depending on the size, quality and other related factors. If you are looking for the best golf simulator, don’t expect the golf simulator for sale not to be pricey. An avid golfer will be looking at specific features that the golf simulator for home use has. Before you even get to the actual point of making shopping for the best golf simulator, below are some of a few basics you need to know.

The Materials You Need
When building home golf simulators, you will need a few basic items. It is recommended that you go for quality items that will last you long. One of the first things you will need is a mat. Hitting mats are very expensive and since there are heavy, the shipping cost of acquiring a hitting mat is a little on the high side. However, getting the best out of your gaming experience will require a high quality mat. Since you are looking to have the best golf simulator experience, you need a great projector. The cost of an impact screen can vary depending on the size. The most crucial part of the puzzle is the simulator itself.

For the best golf simulator, you need to first establish the kind of golfer you are. You also need to take into consideration how much you are willing to spend on the simulator and the size of the room you are using. All these factors combined can lead you to some of the top golf simulators in the market today. Lastly, you need to have a very good computer to run your simulator. Having a computer or a gadget is not always an assurance that you will incur some additional costs. Remember, golf simulator requires robust graphics cards which if possible, you can upgrade from your current computer. If the upgrade is not possible, then you will need to purchase a new computer.

What is the Space Required
The amount of space required will also depend on your golf simulator. However, there is a standard length, width and height that can be considered as a safe distance for golf simulation. The ceiling height should be around 10 feet. This height can accommodate any golfer’s height and swing type. When it comes to the width of the room, take into consideration whether the room will be used exclusively by right-handed golfers of there will be left-handed golfers playing as well. The room should also be big enough to accommodate minor incidence that could potentially damage your walls.

What is Your Budget?
Getting the best golf simulator will most definitely come at a cost. If you are operating on a limited budget, it is possible to get an entry level simulator that will still give you a commendable amount of experience and fun. However, entry level simulators have their downside and it has everything to do with accuracy. When simulating a shot, some of these simulators can only measure the speed, path and the face angle of the club. The simulator then goes on to measure the direction of ball without taking into account the actual golf ball at the point of intact. If you are willing to invest a significant amount in the perfect home golf simulator, then your budget had better fit in the premium category of golf simulators. These simulators will often have the best of everything and can be fitted in nice custom-designed enclosures for the best golfing experience.