Have you ever seen celebrities partying on boats and wish that was you? Well, it can happen! Over 87 million Americans take part in recreational boating. The recreational boating industry helps bring in a whopping $121.5 billion through its support of smaller businesses. Lake Austin delivers some of the best party boat adventures with the Party Cove. You’ll be screaming “I’m on a boat” in no time.

Everyone’s welcome

With a name like Party Cove, you can expect some craziness to happen. This area brings the nightclub vibes throughout the clear blue sea. Every day, people of all ages fill the area with boats. With so many cheerful people, it’ll be easy to make new friends. If you’re unaware of what to say, compliment them on their boat!

Bachelors and bachelorettes love it

Over the years, the Party Cove has become the spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties. What better way to celebrate your final day of freedom than with your friends at the sea? With many parties out there, you might cross paths with another person saying “I do” the following day.

Pontoon is the way to go

Finding great boat rentals at the Party Cove is easy. One of the most popular boats you’ll find is the pontoon boat. This boat was discovered by a farmer named Ambrose Weeres in 1951. The Minnesota native was asked by his friend to invent a new boat for their travels. With some empty barrels and wood, he created something that would change boating forever.

Pontoon rentals are at an all-time high due to their low pricing. They also look cool when you’re cruising at 18 miles per hour. A normal-sized pontoon boat can fit between two to six people. If you’re looking for a great party barge, this is the right choice.

Take some time and fish

While your party barge is the perfect spot, Lake Austin has some grand fishing history. Aside from boating, fishing is one of the area’s most beloved activities. Among the fish swimming in the ocean are largemouth bass and sunfish. Lake Austin delivers a great amount of largemouth bass for your trophy collection.

It’s not rare seeing people at the Party Cove pull out a fishing rod. They’re hoping for a chance to catch a big one!