According to the video, skiing is a fun adventure, but there are some accidents that occur that need medical attention right away. These are some of the most common skiing accidents that happen:

ACL Tears

The ACL is a ligament found inside a person’s knee. ACL tears usually happen when abrupt twisting occurs.

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This twisting might occur when a person is skiing, or it can occur as the person tries to stop. An individual who believes that he or she has an ACL tear should get medical attention right away. The medics will try to immobilize it and give the injured party some helpful information.

Injuries also commonly occur on people’s shoulders. That, too, can happen whilst skiing or when coming to an abrupt stop. Sometimes, people suffer from dislocated shoulders, and other times, they suffer from complete shoulder fractures. Any person who experiences that is likely to suffer from a great deal of pain. The best thing to do is to contact a medic right away so that he or she can try to immobilize the shoulder or put it back in place.

The other piece of advice is to be careful when skiing and to exercise or stretch beforehand.