Colorado river expedition

If you are a risk taker or an adrenaline junkie, then you probably have participated in some pretty exhilarating sports and activities in your life time. There are a lot of different kinds of things you can do to feed your adrenaline addiction that are dangerous, risky and probably extremely fun. Not everyone loves these kinds of sports but those that to, find meaning in life to scratching off those crazy bucket list items. A decent whitewater rafting company and other businesses thrive on the sense of adventure that some people have. Take a look at the following list and see if you have taken part in any of the top five most dangerous water activities in the world.

  1. Cliff Jumping
    This is number one on the list. Some people find this activity very appealing while others would never dream of doing it. Simply put, cliff jumping is exactly what it sounds like; jumping off a cliff into a body of water. You have no safety belts, no harnesses and nothing to catch you at the bottom. Cliff jumping started back in 1770 and continues to be a thrilling sport to this day. There are so many beautiful spots in the world that people cliff jump into. However, it is extremely important to check the depth of the water you are jumping into first in order to avoid injury and death. Falling from such great heights as some cliffs are can cause permanent damage if you hit anything.

  2. Whitewater Rafting
    This is a fun and exciting sport that has been around since about 1970. A good whitewater rafting company can provide you with necessary equipment to take white water rafting trips all day long in some river. You definitely want to be an experienced swimmer if you go, as a frugal whitewater rafting company has many statistics about people getting flung over board. As with all adrenaline pumping sports, it’s not safe to participate if you have heart problems as your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure will probably be elevated the entire time.

  3. Surfing
    You may not think of this one as dangerous as it is much more common and taken part in by those who are not seeking an adrenaline pumping experience. However, it can be just as dangerous. Surfing can be done in varying types of water such as very tall and powerful waves, often breaking over sharp coral. Rip tides are also a factor when surfing that you should look out for lest you are carried out to see. As with all deep water sports, sharks are also a possibility depending on where you are surfing.

  4. Scuba Diving
    While scuba diving may not exactly be thought of as an adrenaline pumping sport, it still must be listed in the top five most dangerous water sports because of the chance of paralysis, running out of oxygen and faulty equipment, not to mention the dangers presented from the actual sea life when you are out that deep. The waters can get fairly dark and murky and you can come up on something unpleasant before you realize what is happening- that’s why it’s still an adrenaline pumping sport.

  5. Kayaking
    While this can be fun and calm if done on with a knowledgeable guide in calm waters, it is not without its own set of risks. Capsizing is an obvious danger but you can also kayak in water rapids which is really what will get your adrenaline pumping. While it can be very fun, this is definitely a group activity and everyone needs to be on the same page before heading out to the danger zone. If you all know what you expect and how to get over any obstacles then you will know you all have each other’s back and everyone will be able to have a good time without fearing for their lives.

The chance of injury is part of what makes these sports so exciting and exhilarating but a knowledgeable whitewater rafting company and others have stated that in order to really have a good time, the dangers should be fully considered before hand and no unnecessary risks taken. The sports themselves come with enough risks, you don’t need to add to them!