Americans love boats, and not just cruise ships or serving in the Navy. Recreational boating is a robust industry in the United States today, and many people own their own pontoon boats or speedboats for a good time out on a lake or along the coast. And anyone who doesn’t want to buy a boat, or can’t afford one anyway, can look into pontoon rentals and party pontoon boat rentals, or rent out a speedboat. Fortunately, party pontoon boat rentals are pretty easy to do, since many marinas across the nation will offer a variety of boats for rent. When someone is looking for a boat to rent out, what should they bear in mind, and what are different kinds of boats used for?

The Boating Business

Some studies and surveys have been done to see how popular boats are in the United States, and it’s safe to say that this industry is sticking around. In fact, around 90% of Americans live within one hour’s drive of a body of water that can support a boat, such as a lake, so this hobby is suitable for nearly everyone. It is believed that 87 million Americans take part in recreational boating, whether from party pontoon boat rentals or driving around their own boat, and this supports a lot of jobs. The modern American recreational boating industry has an economic impact of $121.5 billion, which accounts for direct, indirect, and induced spending. What is more, all this supports 650,000 American jobs, from manufacturing these boats to selling and repairing them, and more peripheral and indirect jobs, too. This industry also supports some 35,000 small businesses, such as those that rent out boats at a lake or those that sell boat supplies, like new carpeting.

Boats can be found for purchase at retailers, and once bought, they can be towed away on a trailer at the customer’s convenience. A new boat will cost the most, but it is in good condition and has modern standards for construction quality, features, and safety, and will come with factory warranties, too. A used boat can be a good deal, though the buyer is urged to look over that boat before committing to a purchase.

Renting a boat isn’t too different from finding a used boat for sale, such as a party pontoon boat. A renter may visit the marina and meet the staff, then check out the boats in person and evaluate their condition. A renter should double check that the hull has no cracks or holes in it, and they should also check out the carpeting for tears or stains and make sure that the awning (if there is one) can unfold and retract without issues. There shouldn’t be any damage or stains on the couches and seats, either. And of course, the renter can (with permission) take the party pontoon boat for a test drive, to make sure its engine is in good shape.

Fun with a Boat

Now, when should someone rent out a boat like this? As the name suggests, party pontoon boats are a fine choice for going out onto the lake with a small group of people, to have fun and enjoy the weather. A pontoon boat is slower than a speedboat and is no good for racing, but it will have a wide, large body with enough room for the couches, chairs, small tables, and several people on board. These boats are suitable for a picnic, sightseeing, bachelor/ette parties, and the like, and even fishing. Such boats also feature safety rails, and there’s enough floor space for a picnic basket, a stereo, fishing tackle boxes, and the like. The awning can be unfolded for shade, or if it suddenly rains.

Speedboats are smaller and just have one or two seats, but they can be rented for racing, and they also kick up wakes for the sports of wakesurfing and wakeboarding. A wakeboarder will ride on a board and hang onto handles that are attached to a rope connected to the boat. That speedboat then reaches full speed, and the wakeboarder can ride along from behind. A wakesurfer will hang onto a shorter rope until they reach full speed, then let go and surf on the boat’s wake.