Just some food for thought. Literal food for thought.

As area scientists have noticed a lot of talk about unwanted pests, most specifically Japanese Beetles, bag worms, and aphids, there has also bee a lo too talk about destroying and getting rid of these pests. the scientists and environmentalists, however, caution home owners and farmers alike about the practice of killing bugs. Even though they are pests to some of the produce and flowers, these bugs still play important roles in the chain of life.

Without offending anyone or starting a giant debate over killing bugs, professionals who study the environment caution against any kill everything approach.

When home gardeners and professional farmers alike over treat for the pests that they want to get rid of they are in danger of killing the pollinators and natural predators too. If, for instance, a home owner has bag worms, there is a spray called BT that will kill only these pests if you pretreat in spring. Letting nature take its course, there is also a wasp that eats them. Japanese beetles can be treated by spraying them off with Dawn dish soap and a hose. By then hanging a bird feeder in the area, these natural biggest predator of Japanese beetles will help take care of the problem. By now, everyone should know that aphids, a common bug problem for many, are a near nectar to lady bugs. You can even purchase lady bug egg cases on line, just like praying mantis and other helpful critters that many of the bug sprays are killing when the intend is to kill the pests.

When a property owner is having problems with mosquitoes, you can buy or make a bat box, plant deterrent flowers, and eliminate stagnant standing water. When needed there are natural products that provide good results. Just as a property owner would not purchase a large mower package deal from one of the expensive Kubota dealers in the area to mow a small patch of grass, there are ways to moderate the attack on bugs in the front yard.

Gardeners who have loads of butterflies every year in their sedum and mums fear that overkill of some real pest problems will end up killing other bugs as well. Just as Kubota dealers offer different levels of their products, it is important that the infestation of one bug does not lead to the killing of all bugs. No property owner would spend three times what they need on mower and tractor package deals, so why would you use three times the amount of bug killing methods that you need.

Agriculture Continues to be a Leading Economy in Many States

From backyard farmers to professional farmers who are in charge of feeding a nation, there are many approaches the tasks that need completed and the challenges that are faced. And when you realize that 99% of American farms are family owned operations it is important to know that these farmers are making decisions that will not only help them be productive, but also be good for the community. Supporting local farm dealerships like Kubota dealers help generate money for many families and keep money in many communities that might be struggling to survive. In the case of this particular company, Kubota dealers have selling products by a company that has been making agricultural equipment since 1890. In fact, they developed and commercialized Japan’s first farm tractor. And while much of the manufacturing may be done out of the country, it is important to realize that the maintenance of these machines still involves local mechanics.

Balancing the many decisions home gardeners need to make make may pale in comparison to the choices that family farmers face, but in both situations it is important to consider the impact that a single decision can have. And while farmers across the country are trying to deal with high yield production, there are also 1.25 million acres of lawns in the state of Georgia that need to be maintained. Every farmer and property owner has different challenges that require a careful approach, and often moderation.