While cars and trucks are a common sight on roads, many millions of Americans enjoy going off-road, and there are many stylish vehicles for navigating the great outdoors. Going dirt biking, for example, is a fine way to explore hilly 0or rough terrain, and dirt bikes may be found at a number of sporting goods retailers or related outlets. Motorcycles, meanwhile, are a fine choice for dirt roads or paved roads alike, and ATVs are great for navigating the wilds. After all, they are All-Terrain Vehicles, and they sell well every year. On top of that, many Americans buy speed boats or pontoon boats and pilot them across North American lakes or shore lines. Boats for sale may be new or used, and a person may find the right kind of boat for their planned outings. When it comes to dirt biking or boating and beyond, there’s plenty of options.

Dirt Biking and ATVs of All Kinds

Many Americans live close to the great outdoors, if they aren’t already in a rural residence. If one’s own backyard isn’t the gateway to the outdoors, a person may load their dirt bike or ATV onto a trailer and tow it to a nearby site that’s perfect for dirt biking or ATV riding. Do these vehicle sell well? They certainly do. Between just January and March 2017, for a recent example, nearly 41,000 all-terrain vehicles sold across the United States, and dirt bikes sell well too. Their accessories and spare parts may be found in the aftermarket, since vehicle repair is essential to keeping an ATV running. An owner might fix a vehicle themselves if they have the skills, and if not, they can look up local repair shops online and tow their affected vehicle there. An ATV can be put back into fine working order in no time.

What about snowmobiles? These vehicles sell mainly in the northern American states and across Canada, and their sales are strong. In the United States, snowmobiles have a $26 billion economic impact, and an $8 billion impact on Canada and a $5 billion impact on Europe and Russia. These vehicles are common in states such as Montana, Alaska, and Minnesota, and when heavy snow falls, they may be the best if not only way to get around. Even professional search and rescue may be done with a snowmobile out in the snowy wilderness. Right now, some 1.2 million registered snowmobiles can be found in the United States and around 600,000 of them in Canada.

Finding a New or Used Boat for Sale

Boating is another major outdoor, vehicle-based activity, and boating is as popular as ever. Boats tend to be more expensive than the others, but they can offer what no ATV or dirt bike can. And like with cars, a buyer may look for new or used boats, with advantages to each route. It should also be noted that more and more young adult boaters are buying these vehicles, adults in their 20s and early 30s.

Why might someone buy a new speedboat or pontoon boat? A new boat will be costly, but new boats are in perfect repair and they still have the manufacturers’ warranties in place. That, and new boats will have modern standards of power, speed, and features, giving them an edge over many other boats. New boats may also be the most stylish and fit current trends in boating.

A customer might instead look for used boats if their budget is more limited, if they know just what to look for in a used boat. Like with used cars, used boats can represent major savings, but only if they are deemed to be in good shape. A buyer will want to check out a used boat for sale in person, and they can look over the boat for damage such as cracks or holes in the hull. The buyer may also check for issues in the electric system or check for mussels or barnacles inside or on the boat. The boat should also be taken for a test run to ensure that the motor is in fine working order. If everything is to the buyer’s satisfaction, they can get a speedboat or pontoon boat at a fine discount.