Sports are a wonderful way to be in tune with your health. Physically and mentally.

Children play sports to learn important life skills while still having fun. Adults play sports to embrace their passion, lose weight…sometimes both at the same time! When the workweek wears you down and you need to take a break, a home golf simulator can meet you halfway. Not only are they a great way to get in some practice, they can give you some flexibility if the weather turns rainy or you’re unable to visit the golf course. High definition golf simulators provide a full package you’ll soon find utterly addicting.

Let’s take a look at what the top golf simulators can do for your health and wellness in 2019.

Where Did Golf Come From?

Let’s kick off the list with the history of this iconic sport and how it became so popular today. Golf first began in Scotland over 500 years ago, popular across several social classes and brought to the United States through immigration. By the time the 1900’s came around there were over 1,000 golf clubs strewn across the country. It’s since been associated with relaxation, family bonding, and high-class lifestyles. The home golf simulator is just the most modern incarnation of a classic past-time.

How Many People Play Golf?

You’ve likely played golf a few times before already. Mini-golf is an extremely popular sport among families, able to be picked up and enjoyed by the earliest of beginners. A 2015 study determined over two million people took up the game of golf, with the sport on the whole generating more than $4 billion in charitable giving every year. Golf simulators have been rising in popularity both for their convenience and the new angle they give to gameplay. They can give you opportunities to practice at your leisure and share your past-time with friends and family.

What Are The Mental Health Benefits?

Sports are very good for your health. Unfortunately, not nearly enough people get their daily recommended amount of physical and mental exercise. Golf is low-key enough, yet focused enough, to be a great stress reliever — chronic stress is closely linked with a higher risk of insomnia, heart disease, and lowered immune systems. An hour or two of golf per week can do wonders for improving your mood and cutting into the grind. The home golf simulator adds an additional sprinkle of ease to an already engaging sport.

What Are The Physical Health Benefits?

Believe it or not, golf has plenty of physical health benefits! Recent studies have found less than 5% of adults participate in just 30 minutes of physical activity every day — a lack of exercise coupled with poor diet and stress can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, the number one health risk in America. While golf doesn’t seem that strenuous on the surface, it’s a very involved sport that requires immense focus. Standing, swinging, and carrying equipment can add up to hundreds of lost calories in a single outing. Even your high definition golf simulator can get you up and moving.

How Does A High Definition Golf Simulator Work?

When you want the pleasures of golf at your fingertips, a home golf simulator is ready and waiting. These can be installed into your home and used within the same day, easy to pick up and even easier to get addicted to. They’re designed to supplement your hobby with useful scoreboards, games, and crisply rendered visuals. They can make a great gift to yourself or a way to get other members of the family involved in the sport. Golf, to this day, remains one of the most beloved past-times of all time.

Improve your health by improving your game. See what the top golf simulators can do to step things up.