Baseball is the all-American sport. It’s what most people conjure up when thinking about the classics, right alongside jazz and apple pie.

Bringing baseball and softball into your life is inviting in a slice of history. For some it’s a way to connect with their roots, offering a common thread between them and family. For others it’s a great form of entertainment on the weekends. Getting the most out of your equipment isn’t just buying the right brand. It’s investing in maintenance services that really bring out the best in what you’ve already bought.

Take baseball bat shaving, for instance. Aerodynamic and easy-to-use, Shaved Dudley baseball bats will give your swing an extra pop you’ll soon become addicted to.

Baseball has been around for decades. It first started in the United States, but has since spread around the world to become an iconic sport. Over 100 countries today are part of the International Baseball Federation. This is a collective that provides authority on the sport, from regulating rules to recognizing teams. They are also able to provide championship titles, a prestigious honor that goes down in history for baseball players and fans alike. Whether you want to become a professional or enjoy baseball for the thrills, good equipment helps immensely.

A proper pair of footwear ensure you can get that perfect twist in your swing. The right gloves will make sure your bat doesn’t go flying out of your hands. Ask any player about their thoughts on good equipment and you’ll get a hundred answers. Spring of 2016 saw 14 million people playing either softball or baseball within the last year. According to another recent survey by the Atheltic Footwear Association, over 65% of youth athletes state they join sports to better spend time with friends.

Softball is a small difference with a big impact. While it has similar equipment and rules to baseball, it is notable for its larger ball size. This makes it a little easier to hit, affecting the trajectory of your swing and adding a whole new dynamic to the sport. Unlike baseball, softball originally started indoors and soon spread out to become a staple of school fields around the country. The game was invented in Chicago back in the 1880’s and uses seven innings over baseball’s traditional nine innings.

Your rolled baseball bats remain your best tool in a competitive game. Good maintenance is how you ensure you’re never missing an opportunity to get that perfect arc. Science has discovered your baseball bat has the potential to travel up to 80 miles per hour at its peak. The chances of hitting that coveted homerun are greater when the player hits the ball at the bat’s ‘sweet spot’, which is five to seven inches from the barrel end. Shaved Dudley baseball bats can take this already incredible feat of physics even further.

Unlike a regular bat, a shaved bat hollows out the core to create that signature pop. This is best done with a shaved Dudley baseball bats service, since beginner error can risk you creating an uneven finish. According to recent studies, over 35 million kids in the United States play organized sports on a yearly basis. It remains the active sport of choice for many and is something you can enhance further with a shaved baseball bat service. While not allowed in the big leagues, it’s a great way to add power to an already powerful hobby.

Thinking of giving shaved Dudley baseball bats a try? Check out your local bat rolling and shaving service this week so you can enjoy your best game yet.