With over 10 million players competing in sanctioned table tennis tournaments every year, professional level gear is a must. There are so many components that must all come together to form the perfect game. Paddles, balls, shoes, and tables are all vital pieces of practice gear. When it comes to the big day, though, top-level players need to keep it all organized. Here are some pro tips for keeping your gear and your mind in the right place on the way to your tournament.

Ping Pong Paddle Case
Your racket can be a very personal piece of equipment. Some might even see it not as a tool, but more an extension of their arm. Keeping this secure and imperfection free is paramount. Top-level play demands perfection, and protecting your ping pong paddle with the right case will help to ensure that perfection.

Training Journal
Many players keep a journal to aid their performance. If you have a coach that asks you to use a training journal to note the most common mistakes and successes you have during practice sessions and tournaments, you are lucky. Keep this information with you so you can refresh your memory whenever necessary.

General Table Tennis Bag
While you wait for your match, staying warm, staying prepared, and keeping your energy up can all be helpful. Bring a bag that includes your practice gear, replacement or alternate equipment, back-up clothing, and food and beverages so that you can stay loose and ready.

Practice Ping Pong Balls
You don’t want to rely on finding a ball when you need to practice. It pays to have a spare ball in case there aren’t any available when you need one.

A Calm Mind
This is perhaps the single most important aspect of tournament day. Having a calm mind can prepare you for any challenge you face. Getting rattled is too easy and too dangerous to your gameplay. If you meditate as a ritual, you might find that it helps you get into the headspace necessary for top-level play.

Table tennis is an intensely competitive sport. That makes it ever the more important to be in the zone on the day of the tournament. You have worked so hard to get to where you are today. If you go in with a clear mind, you might just have the edge over all of your skilled competitors. Good luck out there.