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Get a New Career With Scuba Instructor Training

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Do you like scuba diving? How about teaching? Why not do both by going through some scuba instructor training and become a scuba instructor? You will get to teach all of the parts of diving, including safety, mechanics, and more. Plus, you will have a new and rewarding career. So, take a look at the steps for scuba instructor training.

You need to be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate. While not required, you might want to consider some college courses in environmental science or marine biology. You will also need to be certified in CPR and first aid, as well as pass a physical fitness exam.

You should know all about the scuba diving equipment and its mechanics. You should be at an expert level of knowledge about this Read the rest of this entry »

What are the Scariest Slopes People Will Ski Down in Extreme Videos?

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Did you know that skiing has ancient roots? Primitive carvings from 5000 B.C.A. in Norway depict a skier with a single pole. Since then, skiing has developed into a global sport that millions of people participate in every year.

Extreme skiing, though, is a little less popular than traditional downhill and cross country skiing. It occurs on very long and steep slopes, and can be quite dangerous. Mistakes and difficult terrain have led to the injuries and deaths of many. It is not surprising that many people are more willing to watch extreme ski videos than take part themselves. Here are four things you look out for as you watch these videos.

1. Scariest Places

Are you looking for videos where skiers take on the most difficult slopes known to man? The top four most dangerous and difficul Read the rest of this entry »