Soccer programs for kids

Did you know that every year, over 60% of U.S. kids play some sport outside of school? The benefits of enrolling children in sports programs are numerous. Of course, it helps children obtain exercise — which is incredibly important during their developing years. It also helps with flexibility, social skills, and time management.

Soccer is one of the most popular spots in world — it is played by over 250 million people worldwide. Kids are often drawn to soccer because of its fast-paced, yet team-oriented elements. For parents rightly concerned about the safety of a full-contact sport like football, soccer represents an important — and relatively safe — alternative.

Have you had a child looking up ?teach me how to play soccer? Youtube videos? For better or for worse, it can be pretty difficult to learn a sport like soccer from watching tutorials online. Instead, you?re better off helping your child learn to play soccer by enrolling them in a soccer camp. During the summer, soccer camps are often held outdoors, but during winter breaks (or in locations where there are no outdoor fields), there are many indoor soccer camps as well.

Good for Beginners

If your child has had very little experience with soccer outside of school, then enrolling them in a soccer camp can be a great move. This will help them develop the important basics of the sport so that they can potentially join a team once school starts, and not be too far behind. On a very basic level, soccer involves 11 players, a defense and offense, and involves moves like passing, shooting, free-kicks, throw-ins, and heading. Your child will need to understand what the various positions entail, how to correctly pass, and what the rules are regarding what is illegal in the game.

Great for Training

If your child already has experience and doesn?t need someone to ?teach me how to play soccer,? soccer training programs can be a great way to keep their skills sharp and their bodies toned for the game. Training, at a basic level, often involves getting kids to sprint, jump, walk and run — this helps build endurance for the games, which are often 90 minutes of continually moving up and down the field. These programs will also help kids hone their existing abilities so that their talents can truly shine once they go back to their normal teams.