We hear a lot about drones these days. They’re a fascinating technological construction that has been introduced into the mainstream relatively recently, despite having been in regular use for years. What’s the big deal?

Whether you’re considering flying a drone of your own or just learning more about the technology at your disposal, there’s a lot to enjoy when you step outside the box. Drone flying is a fun hobby for families and a great way to get your toes wet in engineering, with drone repair services starting to increase in prevalence around the country. Where are the best places to fly your drone? What are common drone mistakes you should avoid? Let’s cover that in the list below so you can enjoy your new hobby responsibly.

Drones In America

How many drones are out there, you might be wondering? A lot more than you realize. The FAA recently published a prediction that there will be seven million drones in the United States by the time 2020 rolls around. If you’ve ever thought of picking up drone flying as a hobby, now has never been a better time to start. Over 400,000 drones were purchased as Christmas presents back in 2015 and some are small enough to make great side-gifts for children (always with adult supervision). Fast drone repair is designed to address minor to severe issues and restore your product to its previous splendor.

Compliance With Laws

It’s not enough to just buy a drone and call it a day. You need to make sure you’re responsible. You are required to register your drone if it weighs over .55 pounds. The FAA Safety Guidelines also require you not to fly a UAV above 400 feet. If you’re going to be flying within five miles of an airport or helioport you also need to contact the local airport and control tower so they’re aware. While this can seem like a lot to remember, there are lists you can refer to before you invest in a drone repair shop.

Future Drone Sales

What’s the future hold for drone hobbyists? Between 2016 and 2020 sales of small hobbyist drones are expected to rise from two million to over four million. Consumer drones also make up the bulk of these sales, too. One study found they comprise nearly 95% of total unit sales, with commercial drones representing the last chunk. It’s important to remember the difference in pricing, however. Because they are more expensive commercial drones make up 60% of the industry’s revenue.

Best Places To Fly

Since there is so much trouble that goes into flying your drone near an airport, it’s recommended you find open areas that aren’t surrounded by other technology. It’s common for people to fly their drones near the beach or at a large park where there’s plenty of open air and sunshine. Try not to fly your drone too close to trees, either, as they can get stuck in a tall branch or even damaged if you’re inexperienced. Should your drone take a hit fast drone repair can help you get it back to speed in no time at all.

Where To Get Your Drone Fixed

When your drone is damaged or not working to its specifications, visiting a fast drone repair shop should be your first order of business. Unless you’re very experienced it’s not recommended you attempt to fix your drone yourself, as you could inadvertently end up making your issue worse. Gartner recently revealed over 100,000 drones were sold for commercial use back in 2016. Over the next few years the number of consumer drones will reach nearly three million. This is great news for anyone interested in drone flying, as the amount of drone repair shops will only get higher.

Technology truly is amazing. Become a responsible drone owner by brushing up on your local laws and familiarizing yourself with fast drone repair.