Sports are commonplace here in the United States, there is certainly no doubting this fact. From baseball to soccer to, of course, football, people of all ages tune in to watch sports on a weekly (if not even daily) basis. In addition to this, playing sports is also common and children of all ages (and even a good number of adults) will participate in sports activities, be they organized or not.

The benefits of playing sports are certainly many, especially when children play them. For instance, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim, showing that, with more than 65% of children playing sports doing so primarily because they want to spend time with their friends, sports can be a great way to form strong bonds with other children, something that is hugely important. In addition to this, playing sports can help to improve a sense of teamwork, something that will be of course important for many in the present as well as in the years that are to come, in their adult lives as well as in their childhood years.

Sports of all kinds are a great way to promote physical activity as well, something that is very much needed by many children here and all throughout the United States. Unfortunately, levels of obesity are on the rise, and levels of daily activity have been seen to be dropping among most age groups of children here in the United States. But participating in at least one sport can allow children to get the activity that they need over the course of the day and the week, even helping them to form habits that will last well into their adult lives. After all, active kids are more likely to still be active by the time that they reach their 24th year than people who were not active in their childhoods.

Aside from improving overall physical health (as can be seen in the case of more than 80% of children who play sports) and social lives (as can be seen in more than 65% of all children who participate in at least one sport here in the United States), sports can also help to instill a greater sense of discipline and dedication, something that might not always have been present (or at least not always prominent) in many a child.

For many people, sports can also help them to stay active and engaged with the world around us. Too many children have become focused on various types of electronic devices, something that tends to be okay in moderation, but that can be quite detrimental with prolonged use. For many people, playing sports can improve mental health. In fact, this was seen in nearly three quarters of all children here in the United States, something that can become less ideal when using too many electronic devices on too frequent of a basis.

And the numbers of children playing sports here in the United States is fortunately quite high, currently at around 36 million kids per year, with many of them even playing more than one sport at a time. But having the right equipment is just as important as important – or almost as – participating in the first place. After all, children who have the right equipment, such as shaved dudley bats for baseball, are likely to be able to perform in the sport far better than children that do not.

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