Dirt biking

Have you been wanting to find a new outdoor activity to enjoy with family and friends? There are quite a few sports that you can enjoy throughout the year, such as riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). If you’re looking for something high-performance, snowboarding and snowmobiling are just two options that may be of interest to you.

Extreme Sports and the X Games

Since you’re into high-performance, extreme sports, there’s a good chance you have either watched or attended the X Games. The very first X Games were held in 1995, and there were 198,000 people in attendance. Within the next four years in 1999, there were nearly 270,000 people at this event. This was the highest ever attendance recorded for these games, as there were 215,000 attendees during the 2017 games. That is still a significant number of fans, however.

Global Spending on Motorsports

It’s interesting to note that there’s been a considerable amount of global spending on motorsports over the years. Global motorsports sponsorship alone was significant. Here is a basic overview of the amounts spent for the past few years::

    <.li>Total expenditures for 2012: $4.97 billion
  • Total expenditures for 2013: $5.12 billion
  • Total expenditures for 2014: $5.26 billion

Total global spending projection for 2016 were expected to be $5.58 billion for motorsports sanctioning bodies, teams, and tracks. This constituted a 2.8% increase over 2015. It’s clear that this is, and will continue to be, a booming industry.

Visit Your Local ATV Dealer

Whether you want to have an opportunity to compete with the pros or just have fun with family and friends, you are probably looking for a local ATV dealer. Are you interested in snowmobiling? Or perhaps you’re more into dirt biking or another outdoor activity. Your local ATV dealer will have these and other recreational vehicles available. It’s also possible that you’d like to find used boats for sale for when you just want to spend time out on the water.

Once you visit your local ATV dealer, you may discover that you’re inspired to explore yet another sport, such as motorcycling. Given the variety of choices available, along with your love of being outdoors, you’ll find just the right vehicle to take to the road, the snow, or the water. Remember that you can also pick up other types of gear you may need at this dealership as well.