A “love of the outdoors” was identified by 50% of all campers as the primary factor that sparked their interest in going camping. It stands to reason that camping enthusiasts want to take the best available camping gear along with them. One major rule for a prolonged outdoor trip is to be absolutely certain that you have enough food and water with you to last for the entire excursion. Plastic bags aren’t a good choice for storage because they’re simply too flimsy to do the job properly. In addition, they can be discarded as litter. For these reasons, Soutdoors recommends using durable soft side coolers to keep your food and drinks cold and well-protected. They list the following three advantages of taking them along with you on your next expedition into the great outdoors.

1. They are Less Expensive Than Hard Coolers.

Soft sided coolers are more economical than hard coolers because of the type of materials that are used to make them. For that reason, there are more of this type of cooler on the market. They’re ideal for safely storing your food and beverages during a shorter camping trip.

2. They are Lighter Than Hard Coolers.

The main reason soft side coolers are so appealing is that they weigh less than hard coolers do. The softer fabric or vinyl material used to construct soft containers are practically weightless, so the actual weight of the cooler is due to the items that you choose to store in it.

3. They Take up Less Space Than Hard Coolers.

The flexible design of soft coolers causes them to take up less space. This is a great feature when you’re trying to pack up all of your camping gear while making the most of the space that you have available for supplies.

Experienced campers want to use the best equipment they can find. The ideal camping gear is inexpensive, lightweight, and compact. Food and beverage coolers with soft sides have all of these benefits and they’re durable and effective as well. When you’re choosing the right gear for your next camping adventure, tailgate party, or fishing trip, consider the many advantages that soft side coolers have to offer.