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3 Facts About High Speed Cameras You Didn’t Know

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It all began in 1878, when Eadward Muybridge photographed a galloping horse, answering the age old question once and for all: did a horses’ feet leave the ground at once during a gallop. The answer was yes, and the power of high-speed photography was established. The power to capture every movement in a series of extremely fast events means that details can be separated from one another and minute functions and operations dissected. High-speed photography is an oft-used tool in the development of biomechanics research methods, since the movements of enzymes and even molecules can be tracked and measured with great precision.

High speed photography was then taken by the horns by the Eastman Kodak company, which captured 90% of market share in terms of sales of photographic films. Today, Read the rest of this entry »

What it Takes to Be a Cheerleader

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We all struggle with being stereotyped, especially in high school. Jocks and cheerleaders are just as misunderstood as anyone else. Everyone assumes they’ve got it together and are just flaunting their looks and talent but there is a lot more to it than it might initially seem. Take cheerleaders for instance: you might just see a pretty girl shaking cheer poms on game night, only concerned with partying and boys let’s look past the cheer poms and take a look at what it really takes to be a cheerleader.

Physical Shape
Of course, as you know from the toned athletic bodies of cheerleaders, one has to be in pretty good shape in order to cheer. A backgroun Read the rest of this entry »

Soccer Camp Summer Fun With A Purpose

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Summer can be a difficult time for parents. Yes, kids are thrilled to be getting a break from school — and your kids deserve that break after working so hard all year. But at the same time, this leaves children restless, with little to occupy them during the hot summer months. Often times, children end up sitting in front of the television or playing video games and in general wasting their summers away. Obviously, this is not their fault. It’s not your fault either if, as a parent, you have to work throughout the summer. But still, nobody wants their children spending all summer with a babysitter or at a daycare. Nor do you want them to feel idle or neglected. As such, many parents find themselves looking for ways to give their children something healthy to do during the summer. Soccer camps are Read the rest of this entry »