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Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Line Weight and Rod Length for You

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According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife data, there are an estimated 3.83 million fly anglers in the United States. As many as 32% of these anglers are fly fishers. Fly fishing represents a $750 million market. For those trying to break into this great American past time, these numbers can be both good and bad news. Good because it means you’ve chosen a sport for which equipment and resources are widely available; not so good, however, is the sheer variety and range of fly fishing equipment for sale you’re likely to find. Where’s a beginner to begin? In this article we’ll help you select two key fly fishing tools: the fly line and the fly rod.

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Digital Cameras Continue to Advance and Their Uses Continue to Expand

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Writing with light.
Quite simply, that is the definition of photography.
Whether you are thinking about your favorite family photo of you and your grandma or the sports shot of you running over the hurdles when you were in college, every photo is an image that has been written with light that is captured through a camera. Today’s technology continues to stretch how quickly and how accurately that light is captured. In fact, high speed cameras have reached the point where they are able to recreate images that look completely real.
Shutter and Aperture Work Together to Allow Light to Enter the Camera
When photographers used to study the basic information about how a camera worked, they learned about a pretty small range of shutter speeds and aperture openings. The shutter spee Read the rest of this entry »

Which Camera Should You Buy as a Beginner Photographer?

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If you are just getting into photography then you are probably wondering if it’s worth the price to break down and pay for an ultrahigh-speed camera. There are a few different options that you have from regular high speed cameras to ultrahigh-speed cameras and slow motion cameras. Doing extensive research will tell you what you need to know about the kind of camera you are going to need depending on the type of photography you are planning to do. Here is a little more information on ultrahigh-speed cameras specifically and if you should invest in one so early in your career.

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