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What Are Your Plans for This Summer Weekend?

You are excited to take your friends out on the boat for the Fourth of July. With the new marine carpet installed and the new tow rope for skiing, this should be a week to remember. With the whole week off of work, you are looking forward to spending time on the lake, time at the cabin, and time with your friends and family.
The boat carpet kits were easier to use then you expected and the fact that the marine carpet squares can be replaced one by one means that even if one spot begins to show wear you will be able to make a quick fix. Nothing should need to be fixed this weekend, though. You just got the boat back out of the shop where you paid for a complete tune up and the weather is supposed to be great. The groceries are purchased, the meals have been planned, and the fireworks are ready.
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Six Reasons to Get a Golf Simulator

Golf has long been an important pastime and a valuable activity for health, for business relationships, and even for the mind. Golf’s beginnings go back over 500 years, to Scotland. By the year 1900 the United States already had 1,000 golf clubs. If you’re not playing golf yet, or if you already are, a golf simulator for home can prepare you to play, let you play even when the weather is inclement, or improve the game you already have. Here are six reasons to consider getting one.

Improve Your Game

The best golf simulator will come with an educational component such as a video camera that tracks your swing. As you use the golf simulator, it will keep track of what you’re doing and analyze it for you. Your golfing buddies will be shocked with your improved swing.

Use Your Equipment

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5 Ways to Improve Your Catching Ability

Throughout history, football has remained incredibly popular throughout the United States. That being said, many are often unaware that professional football games used to last 70 minutes long. Interestingly, it was President Theodore Roosevelt who felt the total game length needed to be shortened to 60 minutes. Throughout the duration of a football game, it’s important that certain players are ready to grip the ball with confidence. With that in mind, here are five methods for improving your ability to catch a football.

  1. Strengthen Your Forearms

    One of the best ways to improve your grip is by having strong forearms. While it might seem odd, the forearms play an incredibly important role in how strong your grip is. Weightlifters often utilize forearm training in order to increase their grip. There are numerous exercises that can strengthen your forearms. That being said, one of the easiest involves a single dumbbell. To strengthen your forearms, simply Read the rest of this entry »

Motorcycle Parts to Keep You Safe and Express Your Style

Everyone has that hobby that makes them feel free and happy. For some, that means riding into the wind on a motorcycle, reaching high speeds or going for a nice scenic meandering ride. What many bikers also find is that it can be a lot of fun to customize their noble two wheeled steed to make it really shine and help express their lifestyle or personality. This can mean adding on to the bike itself, or finding the perfect motorcycle apparel to complement the bike.

Motorcycle supply shops for all your riding needs
There are many different types of motorcycle enthusiasts, but if you are familiar with the biker culture at all, you know that there is something of a bond between fellow riders on the road. You recognize those other free spirits traveling along unconfined by the sides and ceiling of a car, and there is potential for otherwise unlikely friendships to form between those who bond over the love of their bikes.

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