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Taking A Look At Popular Sports And How To Enjoy Them Here In The United States

There are many popular sports here in the United States, enjoyed by people of all ages and all different backgrounds too. Football is likely the top sport (American football, that is), with more than 35% of the population watching it on TV on a regular basis during the football season, more than they do for any other sport, no matter how culturally significant. In the top five sports (ranked based on popularity) in the United States, you’ll also find basketball, baseball, hockey, and even soccer, though soccer has a much more dedicated following in many other parts of the world, where American football is not typically present.

For many people, following some of the less popular sports is also hugely enjoyable, especially if these sports are still in the top ten most popular sports of the United States – still popular enough to be televised and to produce quite major events. Such sports include the sports of tennis, golf, motor racing, badminton, and even wrestling and martial art Read the rest of this entry »