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Only 70% Of Law Enforcement Wears This Life Saving Equipment

Ar500 steel targets

The tools we use can mean the difference between life or death. This holds true for many in the construction industry, a field that’s known for its high rates of dangerous slips and falls, as well as the sewage management industry. Body armor for law enforcement is no different. This is the physical barrier between fists, knives and even bullets during an unexpected event — even a minor lapse in quality could sentence the wearer to a premature death. What should every officer know about the steel targets and body armor they need to get through the day in one piece?

An officer needs to go through different forms of training to remain in top shape. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Sports that will Make Your Backyard More Entertaining

Homemade ice skating rink

Backyard sports connect people. It is an activity that is not as popular today, but once brought all of the neighborhood kids together. Depending on your age, you might recall a childhood of joining together with the other neighborhood kids and interacting in a variety of outdoor sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, tag, and even skating on backyard ice rinks. A lot of this sport enthusiasm is lost today as children prefer spending time indoors. You can encourage and promote the backyard sports idea with the following activities.

Home basketball court
Putting in a home basketball court is relatively cheap and simple to do. If you have a large Read the rest of this entry »