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Get the Right Gear for Target Practice

Shooting targets

Tactical training, target practice, and the proper body armor is essential for keeping law enforcement officers safe while they work to protect others. One-third of all law enforcement deaths are caused by gunshot wounds.

While some of these deaths would have been completely unavoidable even with proper police tactical gear, many could have been avoided. Reportedly, nearly twenty percent of officers killed from gunshots while wearing body armor for police were shot with bullets designed to penetrate body armor.

Tactical training is another essential element because it teachers officers how to approach a structure or suspect in the safest way possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Which Boat Accessories Should I Bring With Me When I Go Wakeboarding?


Summer’s not over yet. How are your boat accessories looking? Whether you’re the type that likes to go far out into the ocean to enjoy feeling like the only person in the world for a few hours or someone who loves wakeboarding, this list is for you. There are a lot of little tools your boat needs to have in order to contribute meaningfully to the environment as well as your good time. A ballast pumping system, emergency items, the works. Rather than viewing boat accessories as an annoying inconvenience, think of them as a way to make your fun time even better.

Safety is paramount no matter what you’re doing. When you factor in the complex machinery of a boat and the unpredictable personal Read the rest of this entry »